Lincoln Sea

Posted: 17 November, 2009 by Fairlane in ugly
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From Tugster via

Lincoln Sea

IMO: 9219006

Build: 2001 at Martinac Shipbuilding – Tacoma, Washington in USA, nr. 241 as Everett

American tugs have been a regular feature here, especially the generally awkward “tower tugs” as they may be called. As oddball as they all are, every once and a while one is encountered that deserves its own special designation as an OUS, and the Lincoln Sea more than deserves to be one of those vessels.

At first glance, there isn’t much to set her apart from the other composite-unit push tugs out there. In fact, from a distance while accompanying her barge, the DBL 140, she doesn’t look too bad.

Remove the barge, however, and things start to get ugly.

From Tugster via

That’s right, while completely unrelated, I assume, she appears to have one of those wonderful X-Bows. In addition, she has a nice little shield of sorts around  the massive tower that is her superstructure. Really, it kind of looks like she was meant to look like a mountain, pointy at both ends, and rising to a peak in the middle.

Not too mention her size, compared to the Janice Ann Reinauer, which is not a small tug (86 feet LOA), the Lincoln Sea is a behemoth.

Fortunately, she seems to spend most her time hooked up to her tow, meaning we don’t have to see her beak save for rare occasions. That’s definitely a relief.


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