Is the Oasis of the Seas ugly?? The result of the Poll

Posted: 24 November, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Oasis of the Seas, Poll results

Well, I found a little bit of time in my busy schedule to reveal the results of the poll…………..u excited yet?

2% of the voters didn’t know what to think of her or were too flabbergasted to give a proper reply.

15% was still in dubio

20% think she is the most beautiful ship to ever graced the 7 seas… I pity the fools!

And the grand total of 63% shares my opinion of her being ugly, yukkie, a disgrace for the cruising community. Yeah You all!!

She is now an Official, and democratically chosen, Ugly Ship!

Apparently the Atlantic Ocean thinks the same thing as she has unleashed all her powers to delay and damage the vessel on her voyage from Finland to Florida……..and according the news on the Interwebs she succeeded in doing so as the Not-so-Oasis of the seas is already 2 days delayed. And the vessel is yet to pass the Bermuda Triangle!

please see below the original post for some original comments on her!

  1. wjv says:

    To be honest, liner aficionados consider most cruise ships constructed during the past 20-odd years to be almost unbearably ugly.

    That said, if you think Oasis is ugly, you should Google for some pics of NCL’s upcoming Norwegian Epic!

  2. seabart says:

    I can’t agree more regarding the Norwegian Epic Fail….therefor you can find her on the site :

  3. wjv says:

    Heh, I missed that.

    Well, in that case you may enjoy how the always informative “Cruising the Past” blog portrayed her back on April 1:

  4. popeye says:

    She’s so ugly that I feel something momentously bad will happen to this ship ……….. should happen to this ship.


    Hey! Oasis of the Seas isn’t ugly!

  6. Gary Oak says:

    Oasis of the Seas is beautiful! Get rid of all the Oasis of the Seas information!

  7. Max Lee says:

    I, agree! Get rid of this imformation!

  8. SV6 says:

    Why? It’s the truth!

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