Flashback week 49-2008

Posted: 30 November, 2009 by SeaBart in special

Uglyships logo flashbackFlashback week 49-2009

The flashback for the first week of december which was started off with a post about the revolutionary Ulstein X-Bow series. Which did raise some discussions and got a poll on a later date.

The Svitzer Buffel & Bison galloped into our lifes.

The Putford Puffin was huffin’ and puffin’.

We were all melting away at the cuteness of the Ugie Runner.

A very bad paintjob for the SPSL Sarah Service.

2 unknown monstrosities made us cringe from ugliness.

Adige was the very first tip I got in via the tip-hotline.

Uglyships.com was featured on www.gcaptain.com

The cartoon-tug Theodore Too came by in real life.

Proteus is resembling a daddy-long-legs on waterskies.

The Jumbo Challenger wished us to Stay Well.

The yacht Guilty was guilty of having an immense ugly paintjob

The owner of the Comte Jurandir forgot to put something on top of the cake.

And then came some ships I actually sailed on:

The book about Martha & Justine, a tale about Rats, Rust and Two Old Ladies.

And the Leonardo da Vinci, a fierce & ugly looking dredger.

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