Freedom Ship

Posted: 5 December, 2009 by Fairlane in special, ugly
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Freedom Ship

Build: Probably Not

Just when you thought cruise ships like our favorites, Oasis of the Seas and Norwegian Epic, were reaching the point of being over-excessive, something like this comes along. The idea is for a 4,000 foot vessel replete with every standard of a community, down to school and a hospital on board. She would circumnavigate the globe and allow for passengers to come aboard and depart via smaller vessels, and, get this, an airport on board.

She literally is a floating apartment building, though I’d say her looks put her more along the lines of a giant parking garage. And at three times the length of the current largest ship in the world, should something go wrong in her structure due to her immense size, she might unfortunately end up looking all too much like this particular parking garage:

From unknown via internet

I guess, due to the lack of recent action regarding the project, we should be pretty grateful we never have to see this behemoth become reality.

  1. tugster says:

    freedom ship . . . yes VERY UGLY. and i think i recognize the parking garage . . . not because IT is unique but the georgraphy is. it’s in boston. no kidding!

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  3. Fred Fry says:

    I had talked to someone on the project about a year ago and they assured me that the project was still very alive. Given that the phone was answered was at least confirmation that the project was not dead, yet.

    But I agree, not likely to ever be built.

  4. Firdaus says:

    Until now, I not yet receive news realization of Freedom Ship Project

  5. Art Vinsel says:

    Does she, he or it (say that fast with exclamation points!!!_ have the freedom to sail close to Somalia?

  6. yudistira says:

    no it is not freedom ship city of firdaus

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