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Flashback week 50-2008

Posted: 7 December, 2009 by SeaBart in special

Uglyships logo flashbackFlashback week 50-2008

Week 50 brought only a few vessels as I went offshore and did only have limited time to do posts, but then again: one ugly ship a day is more than enough for the most people.

Bonassola appeared to be very yellow with additional scaffolding thrown in.

Superstar’s sister Galaxy was up in the clouds.

HMS Onondaga made me think of rhinoceroses for some reason.

Hopefully they still haven’t finished the Regent Sky.

There was a bit of rambling about multiple Baltrum’s.

The first ex-English Channel ferry made her appearance: Anthi Marina……..many would follow!

Brocken was very-very weird….and is now broken up.