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Posted: 24 December, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 8302894

Build : 1985 by Frederikshavn Vaerft A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark, nr 414 as Mercandian Continent

This monstrous looking (used to be-) vessel-to-be started life as a roro-cargoship before she was bought to be converted in a cable laying vessel. She was shortened by 15m, her bridge was cut off and a new, larger accomodationblock was added and extensive modifications have been done to her aftdeck. And then the work stopped….for 7 years. Now she is back in the spotlight again and various builders/welders  and contractors have descended once again upon her but will she ever be completed?? Whatever will happen to her: she will always be an ugly ship!

And this is how she looked like before the rigmaroll started:

Picture fom collection Bernt Skjött via

Picture fom collection Bernt Skjött via


This is what the future holds for her, by then renamed DAN Swift

Dan Swift

DAN Swift

For more information: read this DAN Swift Info PDF or here on the Lauritzen site.

Update 24-12-2009

She spend a whole lot of time at the shipyard being converted/modified/restored/rebuild but now she is finally sailing (again).

And although she looks miles better than before mr Lauritzen got his hands on her she remains an O.U.S.

  1. T says:

    Oh dear, what have they done to her! I still remember sailing with her when she was still a (butt ugly) ferry on the Great Belt link (see photo:

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