Top somethings V

Posted: 27 December, 2009 by SeaBart in information
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Top Somethings List V

As every self-respecting media-format is now publishing all kinds of top-somethings lists I felt that we had to keep up the tradition and produce a few of those to reflect the year that has been.

If you don’t like them, please feel free to ignore but otherwise: enjoy!

Starting today with nr 5 we will count down till New Years eve by posting every day another list, in order of interestingness.

We’ll kick off with the “Search Engine Terms” you used which made you find this site.

Top 10 Search Engine Terms

10 : USS Independence

9 : Norwegian Epic

8 : Ulstein X-bow

7 : Uglyships / Ugly Ships

6 : Boat

5 : Colosseum Rome

4 : Star Princess

3 : MSC Daniela

2 : Yacht A

1 : USS Freedom

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