Convertible Vessels

Posted: 28 December, 2009 by SeaBart in special
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Convertible vessels

Would this be a new trend in Ship-building?? I have no idea why, how or what but I think this will be very nice during certain circumstances but there will also be circumstances that you wished you had a proper roof!

First one is the Peleus (IMO : 9409613), also pictured above.

Next trendsetter is the Anmare (IMO : 9434589)

Followed by the Theseus (IMO : 9390159)

The Telamon (IMO :9390147) answers the question wether these vessels are equipped with a hard-top or a conventional soft hood.

And the weather the Melas (IMO : ??) found herself in are the circumstances I was talking about up there…..the crew must be screaming for a real roof!



  1. Captain Ron says:

    Answer 1:
    These vessels were built at KOMARNO, that is very far up-river the Danube (Donau) . Believe there are a few bridges to pass under…

    Answer 2:
    the Owners believes in the global warming theory

    Answer 3:
    this is just magic

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