Dutch Inland Barges

Posted: 29 December, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Dutch Inland Barges

We have seen already some nice examples of inland vessels with strange paintjobs, weird inland vessels or just ugly ones. But here is a collection of various Dutch Inland Barges with a “different” paintjob………although some people would definitely call it ugly.

First one is the Sitalise where the paintjob is decided upon by a committee, and they couldn’t make a clear decision.

Followed by the Time is Money, which going on the name of the vessel went for the paintjob which took the least amount of time, no matter what so they arrived at purple.

The Jero has been shopping in the same color bracket but decided on Pink……..(please forgive me for the quality of the pics, I didn’t have my camera with me and not much time.)

Picture by SeaBart


Picture by SeaBart

The Zephyr has the color we love to hate: yukkie-green. And is also the only inlandbarge I know of with the accomodation in the midships, = a bit weird.

The owners of the Onderneming decide to not bother with a paintjob at all. (please note the professional way of painting the name & homeport)

A’Rosa Donna has a rose but most likely doesn’t smell of roses at all.

And she has sisters as well!



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