Posted: 30 December, 2009 by Fairlane in ugly
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IMO: 9206774

Build: 2000 by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding – Tokyo in Japan, nr 1184

Something just doesn’t look right about this vessel. Yes, she is a car carrier, which is a large part of the problem, but there’s something more than that… Let’s try and figure it out.

Is it her bridge? I mean, it is way out of place, for an vehicle carrier.

But no, aft-mounted bridges aren’t too out of the ordinary since you see them on other vessels, even if it does look kind of oddball.

Oh, oh, I figured it out! She’s bananafied.

She curves up after her bow, putting her into a stern-high attitude. That kind of stance definitely makes a car look a bit more sporty when applied to it. But a car carrier? Nope. It just makes it look like somebody failed at loading her.

Also, she pulls another one of those little achievements of somehow hiding a giant, brightly colored funnel from certain angles. I don’t know how, but her designers did it.

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