Top Somethings II (Updated)

Posted: 30 December, 2009 by SeaBart in information
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Top Somethings List II

Here is nr 2 in our countdown to 2010 of Top Something Lists.

Today’s subject is not really a list as such, it’s more a list of statistics.


Total Number of posts : 631

–  245 * Piet Sinke’s Newsclippings

– 18 * TTO Newsletter

– 408 Ugly ships / paintjobs

SeaBart wrote 385 posts and Fairlane did the rest.

The posts are divided in 11 categories and 116 tags

45 of all these posts have received an update of some sort, some had even multiple updates.

Total hits : 199.588……..will we pass the 200k before the end of the year??

Total hits in 2009 : 195.638 (and rising)

Average hits per day in 2009 : 538

Busiest days : Thursday 22-10-2009, 3286 hits

Total comments : 550

Spam comments : 1401

(all stats as per 29-12-2009, 2130 GMT)

Update (30-12-2009)

Wooohooooo!!! We did it! We past the 200.000 hits!!!

A big Thanks to all visitors and all those who contributed to this site. I never thought this site would be such a success! Cheers!!

Now upto the next 200.000 hits!

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