Top-somethings I

Posted: 31 December, 2009 by SeaBart in information
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Top Somethings I

And here is the last one of our Top Something List countdown, the pinnacle of them all: the most hit posts:

Top 10 posts

10 : Rachid Fares Enterprises:  1725 hits. The company was in the news last week when the Danny II sank of Lebanon.

9 : Ramform Sovereign: 1865 hits. A vessel with a weirdly shaped hull

8 : Swimday-special Solar Boat: 1885 hits. A special post for Tugsters Swimday-project

7 : A: 2100 hits. A strange design yacht with a strange name.

6 : Aeria: 2475 hits. My little pet-project.

5 : Min Duo: 1881 hits. A vessel resembling the Colloseum from Rome.

4 : Star Princess: 2875 hits. A cruisevessel with Star Wars sunglasses.

3 : MSC Daniela: 4131 hits. A monster of a containervessel.

2 : Sea Shadow: 4691 hits. No shadow of a doubt: Ugly!

and the ultimate ugly ship according to hits:

1 : USS Independence (LCS-2): 9392 hits.

Have a fabulous evening and a prosperous 2010, see you next year!

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