Strange Bridges

Posted: 5 January, 2010 by Fairlane in special
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Strange Bridges

Just as has been said about funnels, sometimes the bridge of a vessel is the only thing that catapults it over the line from normal to odd. Among them are the Pacific Jewel, with her rounded skullcap, and the Ladoga-102, with her bridge high on a stalk, both pictured above.

And there are many more:

Seahorse Spirit wears a mustache:

While CSAV Reinaco is wearing a crown:

Nautictrans is another with a funny stalky-thingy:

Emstal appears to have an accomodation made of corrugated metal:

Balmoral looks like her bridge is caught mid-explosion:

Reina Del Parana is trying to emulate an American tower-tug:

And lastly, an old-timer, Highland Chieftain looks like her bridge wants nothing to do with the rest of her superstructure:

  1. Ship Guy says:

    You ought to check out the bridge structure on the USNS Bob Hope class of LMSR (Large, Medium Speed Ro-Ro), operated by (the other) MSC – Military Sealift Command. They look pretty strange with the bridge sitting 20 or so feet above the rest of the superstructure.

  2. Victor M. Jacobs says:

    I should check out these bridges. They both look to be about the same height above the water. Cruise ship vs ferry. Add in the other shots, what are we really talking about? Cargo vs people?

    Come on SeaBart, how can you compare luxery liner versus cargo? Unless you think that people are cargo.

    Its easy to declare that all ships are ugly, declare something different.

  3. seabart says:

    Victor: this post is written by Fairlane, the other contributor to this glorious site.

    And I already replied twice to your question, look back at your earlier comments. But I will send you an email.

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