Ady Gil (Updated)

Posted: 6 January, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Ady Gil

What do you get when you combine the Steve Irwin and the Earthrace??


Now she really looks like she belongs to the Batman!

Earthrace has been bought by the Sea Shepherd Organization, painted in their house-colors and will now also be used to prevent the shooting of  whales in the Antartic.

So Whalehunters: please be aware….and afraid, very afraid! Because this ugly ship is coming your way!

Update (06-01-2010)


Yesterday published here and immediately in the World News:

The Japanese whaler Shonan Maru 2 has sheared of the bow of the Ady Gil during a collision…………

Apparently the vessel has sunk. Luckily there were no injuries.

Please read the full story here :

And 2 Youtube-video’s:

And a third one has surfaced:

  1. nip hater says:

    F them nips looks like they are reverting back to their kamakazi ways I hope the next boat they ram is full of explosives and sends them to swim with the fishes they like kiilling so much.
    F’n douche bags. we should drop a nuke on their stupid country

  2. Totally! says:

    We totally should nuke them, human life is worth about the same as a fish, we should kill every of them for every fish they kill!

  3. bonnie says:

    Whoa. Tough crowd in here today…

  4. angelcel says:

    It’s very interesting to see the three videos together. It does *seem* as though the Japanese ship veered towards the AG, but I’m also aware that the AG was not totally innocent in all of this. Thanks for putting these 3 together.

    I must say, I thought Earthrace was a stunning piece of engineering. It’s odd what a change of paintwork can do to change the whole ‘character’ of the vessel.

  5. bonnie says:

    Sea Shepherd is selling a t-shirt listing the boats that their own vessels have rammed and in some cases sunk.

    That’s just wrong.

  6. daniel says:

    if u see what those ships were doing it wouldnt be wrong because no one was hurt. visit and see how they did it

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