Oasis of the Seas

Posted: 6 January, 2010 by SeaBart in monster, ugly
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Oasis of the Seas

IMO : 9383936

Build : 2009 by STX Finland Cruise Oy – Turku in Finland, nr 1363

Remember this one?? I’d guess you did. It’s very hard to forget a monster this size! We did a poll a few months ago and the outcome of that same poll was: ugly, yukkie, a disgrace for the cruising community.

And I concur completely!

Via Malcolm Oliver’s Cruiseblog I discovered below picture which clearly shows the incredible size of this monster of the seas relative to another, not significantly small cruisevessel.

Incredibly hugh…..and also incredibly ugly!…I think monstrous is a good word for it.

I do pity the unsuspecting & innocent residents of the small villages that this ship will visit, not only for the wasted views but also for the maximum of 6296 passengers that will descend upon them.

Some fast facts to dazzle your mind: Fast Facts OotS

  1. nbugy says:

    Yes there are also some ships that the interior look nasty.

  2. Kevin Norris says:

    Having become infatuated with ships when I was five after reading about the RMS Titanic, this ship looks like it too has too few lifeboats for the amount of people on board. Of cours Titanic didn’t look like an iceberg with apartments carved into it. Alcatraz also comes to mind….

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