Ugly Subs

Posted: 9 January, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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From US Navy via

Ugly Subs

Submarines: The denizen of the deep that served as the preeminent weapon-of-choice of the Cold War. we don’t really see much of these vessels, save for tuning into “Down Periscope” or  “Crimson Tide” on occasion, which is kind of a pity. For the most part submarines are very advanced and kinda cool vessels.

Caveat: “For the most part”

There are a few subs out there that either have, or still roam the seas, and in my opinion, should remain in the briny deep so we don’t have to behold their presence. But, let us unveil a few of these ugly subs:


From US Navy via

First off, the Italian Navy’s Salvatore Todaro, seen here and in the first picture of the post, is arguably the most advanced non-nuclear sub in existence,a trait which I highly admire. But, she, and the rest of the U-212A design of submarines, kind of resemble a slug. There’s so much roundedness to her that she just kind of looks like a floating blob, just kind of floating there, instead of an efficient machine of war.

USS Grayback

From Department of Defense via

The second feature from above, the Grayback took a pretty standard US Navy design for a pre-nuclear sub, and had it modified to provide early nuclear strike capability. The problem is that the capability required adding some sort of cancerous growth to her in order to house the Regulus missiles she carried.

From US Navy via

Unfortunately for her, she was only active in this capacity for less than a decade before the Regulus program was scrapped in favor of new technology. The Grayback, however, did manage to soldier on as an amphiboius transport until 1986, when she was made even uglier in preperation for her final hole, as a target.

From US Navy via

USS Growler

From HNSA via

Unfortunately, the Grayback had a sister too. And even more unfortunately, she lives on as as a part of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in new York City. So best advice, avoid that part of the city if you want to evade her ugliness.


I’m not exactly sure of the story behind this ex-Soviet project, but I am sure she is ugly!

Well, that’s it for now , but if anymore “surface” (bad pun), I’ll be sure to bring them up.

  1. TLAM Strike says:

    RZS-50: that is a Romeo class submarine outfitted as a test bed for the SS-N-16 Anti-Submarine Missile. There was a Whiskey class sub outfitted like that as well. The bulge contains two 655mm launch tubes.

    If you want the all time ugliest submarine of all Google “Whiskey Long Bin”

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