Sea Raven

Posted: 12 January, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Sea Raven

IMO : 7806506

Build : 1941 by Weaver Shipyards – Galveston, Tx in the USA, nr’s 575 & 578

Converted : 1980 by Todd Shipyards Corp. –  Seattle, Wa in the U.S. of A., nr ? as Sea Skimmer

This yukkkie green tug was posted by Jim Kokosinski on our sadly underused by me site-extension on Facebook…Thanks for that Jim, I didn’t even realize things were happening there!

Duno source, via Facebook-extension

Anyway, when I started investigating this ugly pushertug I actually found out that she is quit interesting.

She has been assembled from 2 stern sections that where built in 1941 by Weaver Shipyards of Orange, Texas (hulls #575 and #578), they were ex-navy V-4 type tugs that where single screw with kort nozzles. These two were assembled together with a new hull forebody…..that all happened in 1980. Since then quit a bit of modification has been done to her and, Presto: an ugly ship is born!

Her 6th floor bridge extension deffo makes her ugly, and the vomit-green color does not help that image either!

Her smoke-stacks must, without a doubt, be the longest in the whole wide world…..btw: also not helping her looks!

Her is a pic from her as Sea Skimmer:

Please note the absence of the mile-long smoke-pipes!

  1. Mac Mackay says:

    I saw her as Dixie Commander in Tampa in 1992 nd she looked really good- can’t believe what they did to her!

  2. Fairlane says:

    I bet from the front the smokestacks look like they give the elevated bridge some little ears!

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