Calypso Queen

Posted: 14 January, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Calypso Queen

IMO : n/a

Build : ??

Oh dear, another one of those tourist / sight-seeing / party-type boats.……..and as with a few others we have seen here: a few people went totally mad on the paintjob front to give them that extra boost in attracting innocent tourists and other victims. It reminds me a bit of this one, but then supersized.

What this incredible wrong paintjob does accomplish is that it hides the lines of the actual vessel, which are…uhm……utterly hideous.

So here we have it: a hideous paintjob hiding an ugly ship…….typical!

I especially like the hay / straw decoration of the railings but the absolute top is the stuff they put on top of the wheelhouse: geniusly wrong!


  1. I am slightly offended, but more amused. What makes you think that your opinion is at all important? As captian of the adorably tacky Calypso Queen, I can tell you that thousands of happy tourists disagree with you on the appearance of the boat.

  2. seabart says:

    I’m happy that you are (mostly) amused! Keep having fun!

  3. photomike says:

    ..being a proffesional photographer, I have to agree somewhat with both of you. However in my opinion, I feel that if the yellow base was white , she would be “eye-appealing”…just my two cents….


  4. photomike says:

    …wow..what a way for a “proffesional to spell professional” time I’ll put on my typing…

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