Hotel Titanic

Posted: 21 January, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Hotel Titanic

While browsing the internet looking for a warm place to escape the cold white stuff at home I stumbled upon this…….and almost fell from my chair.

This is hotel Titanic in Antalya, Turkey and I guess they don;t know any shame there. The building itself has a vague resemblance to the stern of a vessel and that was enough for the very clever hotel-mogul to put it in the market “As a cruise that never leaves the shores”….OMFG!

and to top the whole fiasco off they decided to name it Hotel Titanic……..I’m just left without words about this quit untasty form of unscrupulous marketing.

And this “thing” floats around near the pool :

*walks away with slouching shoulders while shaking his head*

  1. StuartG says:

    I wish to show off my ‘Googling’ ability, and so the following remarks were found after judicious and adept use of my digits,

    “About TripAdvisor™”
    … We were met by a gestapo of reception staff and were checked in briskly We were asked if we wanted to double up with another couple

    As I understand it, and it is only hearsay, that the English of the gentleman who first registered the name is not terribly good, and so was mis-heard. It should read ‘Hotel Teutonic’, which would explain the reception staff.

    Must dash my tea’s getting cold,


    ps. You’re a petrolhead – don’t some F1 like dressing-up

  2. StuartG says:

    recommended reading?

    My tea is really cold now

  3. Alex says:

    That link is to a hotel in Germany right? and the one from this post is in Turkey?

    Wasn’t it there in Turkey also where they built another hotel in the form of a ship and named it Queen Elizabeth?

    It might also have enough credentials to join this parade.

  4. seabart says:

    I just found out that it is actually a chain of hotels in Istanbul….oh dear, all called Titanic. One will open in Berlin as well soon.

  5. StuartG says:

    I wondered when You’d cotton to that – serves You right…..

  6. […] turning into “” but that is not the case. After last weeks post about the Hotel Titanic I found out that there is another monstrosity with an identical maritime theme lurking in the […]

  7. Sfir says:

    I bet that in a hundred years we’ll have an amusement park called WTC or 9/11 ride.

    This is just disgusting, 1500 people died.

  8. maja says:

    I don’t see how this is supposed to resemble the beautiful Titanic (they said it in some ad, that it resembles the ship)

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