Sadie Joan

Posted: 22 January, 2010 by Fairlane in non-ugly
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Sadie Joan

Build: 1961 by ??? – Somewhere

This little boat had quite the impact on me when I first saw a picture of her, and I’m still convinced that she has to be the cutest little fishing boat I know of.

Kudos to her owner for keeping an almost 50 year old fishing vessel in such good shape, I hope she continues to plod along for many more years.

  1. StuartG says:
    another one of Her. Some other pretty ones at this address

  2. StuartG says:

    I’ve found another ‘What the *!%^” is that?’ type thinghy also at

  3. tugster says:

    seabart- nice to see a pretty one. happy new year from tugster

  4. seabart says:

    It’s actually Fairlane who posted this one!

    But thnx anyway, same to you to!

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