MSC Mia Summer

Posted: 23 January, 2010 by Fairlane in paintjob, ugly
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MSC Mia Summer

IMO: 9169067

Build: 1999 by HDW – Kiel in Germany, as Norasia Scarlet

As a clarification, this ship is related to the already-covered MSC Asli and her slough of sisters. But, the difference in her design brings about a variation in ugly theme from her sisters’ abstract ugliness.

One of the big design considerations for containerships is their ability for the captain to see in front of the vessel. Thus, with the accommodations mounted aft, they must be relatively tall in order to have a good view of the bow.

This ship seems to be designed to contrast with that simple idea. You’d think the conventional mind would choose to keep the bow low, and the bridge high, in order to allow for that needed visible. Instead, it seems that someone had it set in their mind to raise the ship higher in front of her bridge. not only is this very ungainly looking, it seems very impractical.

However, I will give it to the designer, they did seem to have realized their mistake before the design was finished. As a result, they stood the bridge up on a little stalk and struts.

Whatever works, I guess.

In previous guises, her weird shape wasn’t as obvious:

Why MSC decided to switch to a scheme that would bring about bad answers to the “does this make me look fat?” question, I don’t know.

As a side note, she was at one time named “Buckinghamshire,” which may just be one of the longest single-word names I’ve ever seen.

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