Canadian Prospector

Posted: 25 January, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Canadian Prospector

IMO: 5426663

Build: 1964 by Short Brothers – Sunderland in the UK, nr 542 as Carlton

The Great Lakes of the United States: Their cool, fresh waters keep the steel of vessels strong for many years, leaving some ships well near 100 years old still plying their waters. For the shipping enthusiast, this is an impressive boon, as many intriguing and historic vessels can still be spied.

However, for the ugly ships that inevitably make their way into the Great Lakes also benefit from these preserving waters. As a result, we have to deal with seeing them for much longer than the normal ugly ship, also.

Amongst this latter group of enduring merchant ships is this one, the Canadian Prospector:

In principle, she shouldn’t be too bad of a looker. Her overall proportions are pretty standard, and she has an attractive, and very nostalgic, superstructure.

That is however, where the attractiveness ends.

Working against her are first, one of the bluntest bows I’ve ever noticed on a large vessel.

It’s short, fat, and has prettymuch zero flare, and was at one point even more bluntisized after a 2002 collision with the Stella Nova.


From Boatnerd via

Also working against her is an overall “wrongness.” She just doesn’t look straight to me. Part of it is probably the bow, but I also think the superstructure must actually be at a bit of an angle that makes her look like she’s bending in the middle. Can you see what I’m talking about?

I may just be making it up, but from the moment I first saw a picture of her, something told me she was just “off,” and that made her quite the ugly freighter to me.

  1. StuartG says:

    I agree, in a couple of the pictures at the address below

    She does look ‘odd’. Looks like one of those old galleons. She was lengthened in 1968, at Amsterdam, Holland. (too much Amstel Pils?). In other pictures She looks ‘straight as a die’. Most things will take on a set. Throwing all that iron ore in it, over the years will bend it a bit. In the 60’s there was some really crappy steel on the market,it led to some shortened lifetimes for all sorts of articles. Ever seen a ‘Vauxhall Victor’ – that had a terrible reputation, ‘nowt wrong with the engineering, design dubious, but the steel was a result of politics not purity. Without wishing to start another thread, does anybody know exactly what ‘zheleznorudnyj concentrate’ is? Ships get loaded with it in vast quantities. says that it’s construction is ‘CARVEL/FLUSH’ any ideas anyone?

  2. StuartG says:

    Reminds me of a galleon in some shots..

  3. StuartG says:

    There is a discussion on bending ships at

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