Flashback week 05-2009

Posted: 25 January, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 05-2009

The flashback for this week: or week 05 of 2009….mmm, getting a bit confusing but here it is anyway:

The Viking 1 won a whale-look-a-like contest, her tug became second.

Picture by Dick Lund via http://dlund.20m.com/

I did a second rant about those pesky Green Ships.

A really ugly ship, by sight and by work : Yushin Maru no 2.

Little ferries look like suppository, see here for evidence.

This Main Highway is a no-way!

Ship designers were asked to have a good look at the Arbeille Bourbon.

We had another look at Strange Funnels.

The (ex)-Statesman towed another contraption: Eide Barge 33…an ugly duo!

The fleet of Stolt Nielsen Seaways was not the most pretty one.

Bacoliner 1 reminded me of a certain (much needed) alcoholic refreshment.

The Viking Queen is a very special supplier, in various aspects.

A successful but ugly design : Far Grimshader.

The Ulstein X-bow poll begun…………

A big arse and a church organ from hell: the Ramform Sovereign.

That was quit a productive week I must say!


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