Samuel de Champlain & Innovation

Posted: 26 January, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Samuel de Champlain & Innovation

IMO: 7433799 [Samuel de Champlain]

Build: 1976 by Mangone Shipbuilding – Houston in Texas,  nr 120 as Musketeer Fury/2006 by Manitowoc Marine Group – Manitowoc in Wisconsin, nr 760

A good number of articulated tugs and barges have nothing attractive to offer, and a good portion of the time, the reason rests solely on the tug itself, which is some form of monstrosity designed to be able to see over the barge while connected. As a result, they look incredibly awkward on their own.

The barge itself, however, usually has done nothing wrong except be a boring barge that was fated with being paired into a particularly ugly combination.

That isn’t the case 100% of the time, however.

Take this pair, in combination they are a hulking gray flotilla of awkwardness. The tug looks to be designed only with straight lines, yet the barge has awkward abrupt curves, and an additional massive tower structure up at its bow.

But then we see the Samuel de Champlain on (her?) own, and think, maybe it is just the fault of the tug.


Yes, she may just be the culprit, in fact, Innovation helps hide the horribleness of her face.

At one time, long ago, she wasn’t too offensive. Here she is as the Italian tug Vortice:

Anyways, going back to the combo, while the tug in this case may take a majority of the blame, there is still no travesty in designating both components here as official ugly ships.

  1. velu says:

    I agree with you that most tugs built specifically to push barges on the US rivers look mighty uncomfortable on their own.

    Love what you are doing here. Hope none of my ships feature here though. 🙂

    Thanks for having me on your blogroll. Have added you too.


  2. seabart says:

    You are very welcome & thanks for adding our site to…btw: I love your blog, I recognize so many things!

  3. Captain Ron says:

    wouldnt like to be on the bridge if she ever starts rollin

  4. Tee Cro says:

    As someone who works on board the SDC (I am her C/E) I can say that yez that she is one butt ugly Tug; but it is hard to complain loudly when both the Captain and the Chief each have their own 3 room suite with private head and office. This boat has 11 staterooms and 7 heads to which the lower wheelhouse is now an exercise room with numerous pieces of exercise equipment.

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