Uglier Car Carriers (Part 1)

Posted: 28 January, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Uglier Car Carriers

An old adage says that not everything is created equal, some things are just in principle better and worse than the standards.

This definitely holds true for car carriers. Albeit, the standard is pretty low for these giant refrigerators that sail the seas, but as can be seen by the Tenerife Car and Neptune Ploes above, some are just a bit uglier than the average car carrier.

Unfortunately, it seems that with increased ugliness comes less inventive names, so get some chuckles at some naval architects, instead of consultants, screwing around with the world’s vehicle transports

Galicia could use a nose job:

Repubblica del Brasile looks like she lost a few teeth as a prizefighter:

Queen Sapphire tries to take the refrigerator resemblance a little further:

Spes has a moustache:

And Neptune Dynamis attempts to be streamlined:

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