Coast Guard Copycats

Posted: 29 January, 2010 by Fairlane in paintjob, special
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Coast Guard Copycats

In all reality, I feel the original concept of the US Coast Guard’s racing stripe, as seen on the Biscayne Bay and Boutwell above, denoting their vessels as part of a law enforcement fleet is one of the best looking designs applied to ships afloat today.

The problem is, many other nations have taken notice of the simple beauty and notoriety of the racing stripe, and have effectively aped it in application for their own fleets.

Do you see much of a trend here?

The Netherlands Coastguard’s Waker:

The Swedish Coast Guard’s Triton:

The British Coast Guard’s Anglian Prince:

The Turkish Coast Guard’s TCSG 303:

The Argentinian Coast Guard’s Golfo San Matias:

The Canadian Coast Guard’s Alfred Needler:

The Icelandic Coast Guard’s Ægir:

The Croatian Coast Guard’s A.Mohorovičić:

While it is a good design, you’d think various countries could decide to show a little more inventiveness…


  1. seabart says:

    Uhm… can skip the Waker from the list, she is as good as completely scrapped by now.
    But then again: she indeed had the stripe……..

  2. ROTRgurl says:

    I wonder if they have an Ashton Kutcher in there..

  3. fooman2008 says:

    makes it easy to figure out who the puddle pirates are though. I do know that it is nice to know who is who sometimes. Overseas you will see both the red cross and the red crescent used almost interchangeably both mean we are not combatants don’t shoot!

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