Riviera del Conero

Posted: 31 January, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Riviera del Conero

IMO: 7325095

Build: 1974 by Cantiere Navale Fratelli Orlando – Livorno in Italy, nr 139 as Espresso Cagliari

I’m fine with the concept of streamlining a vessel, not only may it have slight implications for economy and speed, and it just makes the vessel look faster, and in some cases, downright futuristic.

There is a caveat however. You have to do the streamlining right. When applied wrong, it makes the thing look awkward, like a 1930’s Chrysler Airflow…

From the University of Michgan

…or the Riviera del Conero.

Though attempts were made, nothing actually works to make her streamlined. The sides of the bow are, but the entire center is empty, until it reaches the block that is her bridge, which sticks straight up. Then, the streamlining falls away to an open well of equipment that absolutely ruins any aerodynamic competence that’s left.

Not to mention, that when viewed from the right angle, she kind of looks like a big grinning baleen whale.

Keep smiling, Riviera del Canero, I’d hate to think how much uglier you could be if you were frowning.

  1. CBDRgal says:

    If I were Free Willey, I’d totally be all over that haha

  2. APO says:

    Really the Riviera del Conero is not the original one, as built.
    The actual aspect is due to a dirty refurbishing by adding decks to the (open) upper car deck. Also the fore part has been modfied.

    Such a kind of modifications have been applied to the former ferry fleet of Tirrenia. You can see these very ugly ships sailing as part of the Egyptian fleet….

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