Mobil Arctic

Posted: 12 February, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Mobil Arctic

IMO: 7225075

Build: 1972 by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Company – Chester, Pennsylvania in US of A, nr 657

Really, there shouldn’t be anything ugly about this ship. When built in 1972, she was the largest US-flagged vessel ever constructed, and she followed a pretty generic, if new at the time, format for oil tanker construction.

But as Paul Sullivan comments on his photo on, “Nearly just a silhouette because of the back lighting, but it gives you the idea of how ugly she was. Nothing but a stove pipe for a stack!”

And yes, how the silhouette does:

Picture by Paul Sullivan via

Why someone chose to omit a perfectly normal stack in favor of this thing, I don’t know. But if they hadn’t, this now-scrapped vessel would just be another tanker relegated to the footnotes of history.

Instead, she’s an Official Ugly Ship!

  1. Captain Wes Rasmussen says:

    That was my last ship for Mobil; got off in Panama from the Valdez run in January 1987. Didn’t miss it then, still don’t. One UGLY ship!!

  2. john says:

    I disagree. no ship is ugly. just like a woman, none are ugly just some are better looking than others. I worked on the Mobil Artic on part of her shake down cruise to Singapore as 2nd cook and baker. I left her in long beach to work ashore as I had just recently gotten married.

  3. Jack trow says:

    I was 2nd mate once on her. Bob Pfeiffer hated it as CE

  4. Paul Hughes says:

    Was Chief Engineer of the ugly ship 1980 – 1988. Loved it! She responded beautifully to a little attention and supported many families for many good years

  5. Juanita Salisbury says:

    My dad Bennie Salisbury sailed as the First Assistant Engineer in 1972, on her fateful maiden voyage. He then eventually became Chief Engineer and sailed on her in 1977 as First Engineer, then as Chief Engineer from 1977 to his last voyage in August of 1988. I have records of all his voyages (his certificates of discharge) and would love to hear more about specific voyages.

  6. Juanita Salisbury says:

    I meant his last voyage was 1985, not 1988!

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