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Flashback week 08-2009

Posted: 15 February, 2010 by SeaBart in special

Flashback week 08-2009

Newsflash: it’s monday so again time for our weekly flashback!

The North Ocean 102 kicked off the week last year.

We looked at the ugliest and most dangerous Ducks in the world.

Some squares with wingnuts: Oden, icebreaker.

A giant suppository: the Cosmic Muffin.

We saw something out of Rome on a Chinese River: Min Duo.

The LNG Dream had giant drawings on her gastanks.

Contship Germany and her sisters: very colorfull!

A first part of a herd of stenching Livestock Carriers.

Panic broke out when my laptop crashed (and got repaired again).

Al Salam Boccaccio 98: top-heavy & butt-ugly.