Stemat Spirit

Posted: 19 February, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Stemat Spirit

IMO: 9496458

Build: 2010 by ??? – ??? in ???, nr ???

As one of the first new launches of this decade, the Stemat Spirit is giving us too promising of a view of the future of ship designs.

Somebody must have started off wanting as bit of streamlining on the bow, a lot like some smaller container ships have. Molding that bow right into a superstructure that looks like it’s covered in corrugated metal pretty much nullifies any loss of wind resistance she had.

While I’m on the subject of the bow, she looks like she’s wearing a rather large mustache (would calling it a handlebar be too much of a pun?).

Her stern, while less remarkable, has a round, coffee can looking thing mounted on it, too.

Well, hopefully she is just a fluke for the new decade, and we’ll see some more presentable designs hitting the seas.

  1. m.weterings says:

    hello,functional ships are not presentable important is that you can make money with them and wen you hat more nolage of the maritime world than you also would now wat is that coffeecan on the stern

  2. Sam says:

    I think this cable laying ship should be removed from this website!!
    and also the can looking thing mounted on her is a frame to hold a cable in!!!

  3. Fairlane says:

    The notion that I use an analogy for a ship’s component has nothing to do with my knowledge of the function, it’s just a description, and I’ll remove the ship if you can give me one good reason that this ship at all looks legitimately beautiful.

  4. sam says:

    I know we are all intitald to are own opinion so keep the ship posted on the website if you want, take a look at the link and tell my what you think!!
    Stemat Spirit Light up!

  5. SeaBart says:

    I think that this picture from the same Flickr-account says it all:

    Deffo ugly.

  6. says:

    Man it’s pug Ugly, and having lived on board for a month it’s pretty grim.

    Crew recreational facilities are non existent and no where to stretch your legs – TV in most cabins so it’s a bit like lock-down at the end of each watch. It’ll do 10 years and then be sold on to India or some where else where they won’t be bothered that it’s falling apart.

    The only saving grace is a decent galley (for a dutch ship that is) and bakery unit for fresh bread.

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