Posted: 9 March, 2010 by SeaBart in personal, special
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IMO : 8806151

Build : 1989 by J.J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. – Hamburg in Germany, nr 1038 as Linda

Metallica, whether you like them or not, is undoubtedly one of most influential and biggest bands in the world. And now somebody named this ship Metallica, so either that person just liked the name or is a hugh fan of the band. (as am I).

Metallica as a ship-name has just shot right up to nr 1 in my top 10 of favourite ship-names, right next to Battleaxe.

Unfortunately I think the execution of the painting of the name leaves something to be desired, especially when you are a fan of the band. So I have employed my meager abilities in Photoshopping and produced below picture.

Picture by Marcel, via, altered by SeaBart

Doesn’t that look much better?? I thought so!

I would propose the following logo as funnel mark :

Rock on!!

  1. tugster says:

    bart– you have a future in photoshopping. i’d love to see more. pimp those uglywessels!

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