Spirit of Victoria

Posted: 10 March, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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From Incat via http://www.incat.com

Spirit of Victoria

IMO: ???

Build: 1985 by Incat – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, no 16

I can’t find too much about this vessel, and I am relatively glad.

From what I can tell, she was built in 1985 as a testbed for a high-speed passenger ferry based on a wave-piercing catamaran design, and that she evidently was quite short lived.

In all reality, this seems pretty self-explanatory. Her design resulted in her looking quite like an ugly little insect, more or less, and I wouldn’t want a nasty bug hanging around for too long, either.

  1. She was indeed built in 1985 and arrived July that year to Port Phillip and continued till 1991 when she was sold to Malaysia as Mathera Bas III and would love to know more about her fate.

  2. Terry J Thomas says:

    The year was 1988 my Dad and I travelled to surfers paradise to look for a boat to purchase . It was to be used at Kawau island NZ this vessel was used from surfers paradise to the World Expo in Brisbane on a daily basis . It had twin Detroits v12 92 series engines and cruised at 25 knots with just a 30 cm wake from the hulls . In her day she was the most futuristic vessel like a hydrafoil only a lot prettier . She held 250 passengers in comfort. we did not purchase the vessel as the logistics and insurance of getting her to NZ were just too expensive ! I THINK SHE IS STILL ONE OF THE MOST FUTURISTIC VESSELS AFLOAT TODAY !!!

  3. Alco Holic says:

    Terrific boat. Engines were flawless. Great to work on, you could leave a glass of champagne standing at 20knots. Worked on her for two years out of station pier port melbourne as a party and day cruise boat. Used to go to sorrento and south channel fort. She was state of the art and a credit to her designers

  4. Further to my first comment the IMO number is/was? 8517140 see http://www.maritime-connector.com it shows as no info on this ship, still like to know where she is.


  5. Mark says:

    I worked on her as a dj using records for years but don’t have any photos.

  6. loader says:

    Here s a modern ‘copy’ doomed to fail – http://www.glideryachts.com/
    Ripped from the Hydrolance site!!!

  7. SeaBart says:

    Ooooh….that’s bad!

    I’m going to use that in the not-too-far future, thnx for the tip!

  8. […] to Loader who commented on this post and led me to the above pics, more info found on the Glideryachts […]

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