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IMO: 7527332

Build: 1977 by Hashimoto Dockyard – Kobe in Japan, nr ??? as Bilibino

Officer Mabel of the Oshawa police department was in his cruiser after stopping at the local Tim Hortons for coffee and a couple of donuts. He pulled into a parking apace along the waterfront to watch the passing traffic on the Lakes as he enjoyed his breakfast.

As an odd looking tug and barge combination inched ever closer, he finished off his first donut…

He reached for his last pastry, but was shocked as he slipped it out of the bag…but where was the hole? He would have understood if he had ordered a creme-filled donut, but an old fashioned, without a hole, something was wrong!

Meanwhile, the tug chugged slowly past…

Half-boggled, half ready to accept the pastry and just eat it, he looked up and realized just where the donut’s hole had gone…

  1. AHT says:

    This ship built for USSR maritime organization.
    She has pin stopper type arch couple system to joint with burge.
    Hull is ice class and Russian Shipping Rule(RS).
    Japanese engines emploied and some os navigation and communication electronics were Made in USSR.
    This ship has not elevator between wheel house and engine room.

    Ship delivery done in Hakodate,Japan
    I remember so clear about this ship’s building time.I was 33 years old.

  2. Fairlane says:

    Thanks for the great info! It’s nice to hear a little bit more about this odd ship’s history.

  3. AHT says:

    Hello Fairlane-san !

    USSR ordered few pair of same model(pussher and barge).
    In my memory,ship’s name was Biibino, Bilsinsk and etc.
    Arch couple joint system is developped by Taisei Sekkei Co
    in Tokyo. Many Japanese marine construction co are use
    this system to their own sand carrier.
    My rusted brain’s memories are almost erased….sorry.
    I want to keep young brain but too late…..

    Couple days ago, I found the barge only by GoogleMap.
    location is
    there is Russian pant town Prigorodnoye.
    Perhaps you will be able to check above with “Prigodnoye”
    on GoogleMap.
    Good luck

  4. bowsprite says:

    the marvels of modern aerodynamic engineering!

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