Silly Warship Names

Posted: 19 March, 2010 by Fairlane in special
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Hoe and Plunger

From Ric Hedman via

Silly Warship Names

Watching the movie “High Fidelity” once inspired me to create several lists of so-called “top 5’s.” I came across this list the other day, and turns out one of them was a little list of silly warship names that I thought I would share.

So here go my top picks (In no particular order):

HMS Plucky:

From pingbosun via

USS Plunger:

USS Hoe:

HMS Dainty:

And my favorite for last:

USS Rock:


  1. What about Harry S Truman (Hairy Ass Truman)

  2. Josep says:

    Don’t forget HMS Pansy, HMS Spanker and HMS Dainty.

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