Stena Partner (& sisters)

Posted: 24 March, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Stena Partner

IMO : 7528635

Build : 1978 by Hyundai Shipbuilders & Heavy Industries – Ulsan in S-Korea, nr 649 as Alpha Enterprise

If you think you have seen a similar vessel like this one here before: you are quit right, it was the one with the long history: The Kilmore. This is one of her many sisterships but then with less history and a bit less spoiled. But nevertheless still ugly enough to be featured here.

This is how she started out, like the above mentioned Kilmore: nothing unusual, just an ordinary North Sea ferry…except for the rather pee-like yellow color.

Picture by Paul Morgan, collection Cees De Bijl via

Luckily that color disappeared quit soon but to be replaced by the ugly sponsoons and the extra accommodation.

Picture from collection Cees De Bijl via

She has quit a few sisters, all looking more or less the same so I’m not gonna put a picture of every one here, that would only deter you from coming back here. But down are the links to each one of them so if you dare to can have a look for yourself, but only if you are really brave!.

Merzario Espania

Merzario Ausonia

Imparca Express I

Tor Felicia

Stena Project

Stena Prosper

Stena Runner

Stena Transporter




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