Tuxedo Princess

Posted: 26 March, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Tuxedo Princess

IMO : 5057840

Build : 1961 by William Denny and Brothers Limited – Dumbarton in the United Kingdom, nr 1501 as Caledonian Princess

About 3 years ago I had the pleasure to spend a few nights in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, a very pleasant and vibrant city to where I would like to return one day. We were staying in a hotel overlooking the waterfront and from that hotel you could actually see the Tuxedo Princess moored underneath the Tyne bridge, acting as a floating disco-palace. So on a beautiful morning when I wanted to go to Gateshead, on the other side of the river I actually strolled over that same bridge and made the unfortunate mistake to look down onto the Tuxedo Princess…….. The view was terrible! The state of the vessel was a disgrace, a complete rustbucket!

I don’t think the owners did any maintenance whatsoever what wasn’t necessary to keep the facade nice & shiny (and even that was well past its prime).

Once upon a time she might have been a rather good looking and succesfull ferry (see below pic) but parked here, static, neglected and riddled with staircases like cancerous growths she is one freaking ugly ship.

Anyway : you might be happy to know that in 2008 Newcastle upon Tyne was relieved of the ugly sight of this rustbucket disco-palace, she was towed out to Greece initially and then further to the beaches of Aliaga, Turkey where she was unceremonial scrapped.

A few pics from her short stay in Greece:

Picture by Fotis, via http://shippix.fotopic.net

Picture by Fotis, via http://shippix.fotopic.net

And the world, and Newcastle in particular, was once again relieved of an ugly ship.

A bit more info from Wikipedia HERE.

  1. How sad! Thanks Mark for sharing this unfortunate news…….

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