Green Ships (Part 5)

Posted: 31 March, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Green Ships (Part 5)

It’s been quit some time that we discussed the perils of Green Ships here so I thought it was about time to warn you again about them. offcourse we’ve already seen a few solitary green ones (ie: E-ship 1: green and GREEN) but here is a whole batch of the green buggers…..and some not so green, but in the spectrum.

Above you see the bright green Garca Branca (IMO : 9428243), she has the same eye-blaring color as the other vessels of her owner, seen in Green Ships (part 1): the Pato Real & Rola do Mar.

Underneath her the Scanlark (IMO : 8505915) of which a sistership of the same company is pictured below, also green offcourse.

Snowlark (IMO : 8412417)

The Ranjan (IMO : 9396622) is not only green but also has a bit of a messy looking deck with all those containerguides sticking up.

Flandria 5 (IMO : n/a) is looking, besides green, a bit peculiar.

Marco Dias (IMO : 9070565) only has a green accommodation block but that is enough to be claasified as green and there for in here.

A green hull with a kinda of dirty yellow accommodation: plenty yukkie for the Cape Manuel (IMO : 9360257)

The Orcana (IMO : 9353711) is a nice-ish fresh color green with a blue band, not a bad combination I must admit.

And the blue band brings us seamlessly to the other color we love to hate, sometimes: greenish blue……Moorea Ferry (IMO : 8518613) kicking it off:

Kholmogory (IMO : 9109081) is another prime example of that color that doesn’t know what it wants to be.

And to finish it off I thought a bit of refreshing yellow/purple in this bland green sea is kinda needed/wanted/necessary: Ronja (IMO : n/a)

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