Jolly Argento (updated)

Posted: 2 April, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Jolly Argento

IMO : 7900077

Build : 1981 by Chantiers Navals De La Ciotat – La Ciotat in France, nr 325 as Hugo Oldendorf

Jolly  means “full of high spirits”, does this mean that this vessel is loaded up with alcoholic spirits? The consumption of those would at least make the viewing of this vessel a bit more high spirited. I saw this vessel the other day in real life and the only thing I could think of was: Wow, what’s happening there on the aft??

I still don’t know……what I do know is that it looks quit a bit ugly!

She didn’t always look like this though, she started life a a less conspicuous vessel.

Maybe a bit grey and bland but after her modifications and being painted red she became a little to much “in your face”

Update (o2-04-2010)

Lo & Behold! She got a sister that has undergone the same traumatic surgery! Meet the Jolly Oro (IMO : 7900053)

She used to look like this, green but reasonably normal:

How many of these will start surfacing now??

  1. Fairlane says:

    I know parking is an issue in some places, but building a parking garage on a ship just seems a little unorthodox…

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