Stena Saga

Posted: 7 April, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Stena Saga

IMO : 7911545

Build : 1981 by Oy Wärtsilä Ab – Turku in Finland, nr 1252 as Silvia Regina

Here is another one that has reached me via our Facebook extension, thank you Greg J for the tip! The Stena Sage: she has lots of different views so let’s discuss them all.

First the sideview, as can be seen above : It looks as if the designer had an afterthought while drawing the forward of the accommodation and at the last minute decided to add some aero-dynamical enhancing angles…..that went horribly wrong as the picture clearly testifies. The text on the hull translates from Norwegian as: Fun on the Water …..

The other side says : Join and be Happy…….I beg your pardon???

Then the front view, see above and the pic below :

Here the lines which I thought were aero dynamic enhacing appear to be nothing more than a hoax to cover up some awkward design features where they attempted to give the front a bit of a leaner look. Went wrong as well. And to top it of they gave the passengers a large window to look out of, 2 decks of it, from the outside it looks like the open mouth of a giant whale sucking up krill. Going from bad to worse.

and as last: the stern part :

Nothing pleasing to be found here but if you compare the above pic with one from earlier in her career you might spot something added.

Picture by Marko Stampeh, via

Yup, well spotted: on both sides of the garage doors they have added somekind of outriggers. These appear to be like the training wheels you ad to a small bike for your kid to learn to ride on but I think they are nothing more than bumpers for when she is backing up against a RoRo-ramp……don’t do much good for the lines thought!

And as last the funnel :

At first it had some kind of spoiler, like those souped up cars. Later this was removed.

Presto: improved looks!! But I still think the funnel is a bit on the large side….need to compensate for something???



  1. Ship happens!! says:

    Those so called “outriggers” are actually ballast tanks filled with sand or gravel,and we call them “ducktails”

  2. Jaap says:

    The ‘outriggers’ are not ballast tanks; nor are they ‘ducktails’. They’re called ‘Sponsons.’ They’re not filled with gravel or sand, but are empty (full of air) and provide extra stability. Without them the ship probably doesn’t meet current SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations.

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