Burrard Otter (Updated)

Posted: 9 April, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Burrard Otter

IMO : 7530066

Build : 1976 by Yarrows Limited, Vancouver in Canada, nr ??

Would you believe that this vessel is actually build more than 30 years ago?? she looks pretty modern don’t you think. Can you believe the stir she and her sistership caused when they were launched? Anyway: she also looks very strange with her lopsided wheelhouse and I wonder about 2 things:

A) is her sistership exactly the same or is she mirrored so she has the lop on the other side??

B) Do they use those incisions below the wheelhouse to hang them up overnight and dry them off to keep them better conserved?? Is that how they lasted for more than 3o years?

Here is her sistership:

Burrard Beaver

The company running the ships above is building a third vessel: the Burrard Pacific Breeze and I’m very curious how that vessel will look!

Update 12-08-2009

And we have pics of the new boy on the block, the Burrard Pacific Breeze:

And thankfully she isn’t as odd-looking as her colleagues in the company she is gonna end up in.

Update 10-04-2010


Dunno source, via http://www.metronews.ca

I think I have to take back my above written words:…..Yup! She fits in the fleet: a weird looking thing indeed! But this time no incision to hang her to dry overnight, will she now last 30 years as well? We’ll see!

The local are beginning to affectionately refer to her to as the “Burrard Water Box”, mmmm, wonder why?

Also many thanks to Andrew O. who made my change my view on her.



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