Island Escape

Posted: 10 April, 2010 by Fairlane in paintjob, ugly
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Island Escape

IMO: 8002597

Build: 1982 by Chantiers Dubigeon – Nantes Saint Nazaire in France, nr 164 as Scandinavia

As I’ve said before, the modern cruise ship monstrosities are just the current extent of a mutation that’s been in progress for decades.

Even though this vessel started off as something else, I’m still counting her in on the blame. She was definitely born ugly, but didn’t become a full-out monstrosity of tumorous growths until her conversion.

Here’s how she started off, as the cruiseferry Scandinavia:

At that time, her only real blemishes were the white cliffs of Dover under the bridge, and a rather large funnel…oh, and the quite absurd rear end of her…

Then, in 1990, some genius decided she should become a dedicated cruise ship, and undertook the addition of all manner of nasty-looking things.

I think they speak for themselves…

Her stern definitely suffered the most. What started out as awkward is now just downright awful.

Then there was the palm tree, or windmill, or something painted (later changed to …..uhm ….something, see above) on the side. You know how much we love frivolous cruise ship paint jobs…

Forget her being an “Escape,” I’d just want to escape from her presence.

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