KM Ekranoplan (updated a little)

Posted: 14 April, 2010 by SeaBart in monster, ugly
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KM Ekranoplan

Worlds fastest ship?? Worlds largest plane?? However you wanna call it: it uses the seas, it is strange, it is ugly so it more than qualifies to be published here. The official name is Ekranoplan, or “Wing-in-Ground” (WiG) vehicle and it skims over the waves using the cushion of compressed air between the wings and the water to “float”. And surely they are ugly, hideous monsters of the sea that at the same time really fascinate me.

The above pictured one called KM was developed and built by the Russians in 1963 – 1965, she was over 155 m long and weight more than 500 tons, skimming over the water surface with speeds upto 250 knots. Quit impressive!

And you can clearly see why she was nicknamed the Caspian Sea Monster by the American Intelligence Services.

The KM didn’t last long as she was crashed in 1980 and broke during a salvage attempt. But others have taken over the family look and are still skimming the seas. The below pictured A-90 “Orlyonok” (“Eaglet”) for example:

Or the “Lun (Spasatel)” which was even bigger than the KM and looking more dangerous as well.

All looking distinguishably ugly! You don’t wanna see that coming towards you at full speed!

More information about WIG-vehicles can be found here on The WIG page.

This post was inspired by an article (with more info & pics) on via

Small update (15-04-2010)

Alex S. also send me a link to a post about these ugly creatures with an abundance of pictures on

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