Caballo Azteca

Posted: 16 April, 2010 by SeaBart in ugly
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Caballo Azteca

IMO : 8624395

Build : 1987 by Khersonsky Sudostroitelnyy Zavod – Kherson in Ukraine, nr 5002 as Aleksey Chirikov

Another tip from Alex S. lead me to this vessel, a former Russian general cargo vessel with severe icebreaking capabilities. To start of at the beginning: see below pictures of her sistership Vasiliy Golovnin (IMO: 8723426) to give you an impression how she looked originally.

And I think we can safely assume that these sisters are not the most elegant, or even beautiful ships in the world..very rugged, I give them that but far from pleasing to the eye.

And somewhere in the past the ex-Aleksey Chirikov has fallen victim to a modification frenzy by a ruthless shipowner which resulted in the present appearance of said vessel. Which, frankly: looks a mess and quite ugly.

She is now flying the Mexican flag and serving the offshore oil industry, not really doing them a favor with her looks though!

Thanks again Alex!!

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