HMS Dauntless (D33)

Posted: 16 April, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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HMS Dauntless

IMO: 4907751

Build: 2007 by BAE Systems – Govan in UK, nr 1062

Just as the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships have proven by being featured here, modern naval vessels are not the prettiest things around. The angled and simplistic superstructures to cut down on radar signatures are definitely one of the biggest culprits, though some modern warships do manage it pull it off.

The HMS dauntless and her sister Type 45 destroyers entering Royal Navy service don’t.

In all reality, the ships themselves aren’t that bad, but the mast does an awful lot to mess these ones up.

There are two basic analogies for what this looks like. The first one isn’t particularly appropriate for any children that manage to come across this blog, so I’ll just skip to the second.

Basically, she looks like she’s wearing a giant party hat.

Unknown via Googling

Which really is kind of ironic, there isn’t too much to party about with the Type 45 considering budget overruns, delivery delays, and a scaling down of the program have all led to criticism of the project.

  1. bowsprite says:

    hmmm, now THAT’s an idea…. children’s bday parties…

  2. Squidley says:

    Whilst sailing of the coast of spain a few weeks ago I saw one of these ships. The thing I found most amusing was the size of the radar signature. no smaller then any other ship of her size despite all the RN’s claims of it being no greater then a fishing boat

    It would seam then that the millions spent and the unprecedented levels of uglyness on making all these new warships stealthy has all been for naught, if a cheap civil 3cm radar can see it

  3. James Daly says:

    I think they look a lot more fearsome than some of the Royal Navy’s recent efforts – after all, a warship is meant to be a fighting ship. But yeah, the mast does look a bit silly… I love the party hat analogY!

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