Maya Express

Posted: 21 April, 2010 by SeaBart in special, ugly
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Dunno source, via the Facebook extension

Maya Express

IMO : 7214117

Build : 1973 by Santierul Naval Galatz – Galatz, Romania, nr 616 as Iris

This one reached me through our extension on Facebook, she might not be as ugly by the usual standard of the featured vessels here but she has an interesting story going for her.

I read about her HERE (or here) (please note that although in the article they use the name Aztec Express I think they mean Maya Express as there is nor was no Aztec Express). She was repossessed by the Repo Man of Ships: Max Hardberger.

Have you read the article?? Interesting and captivating isn’t it? Now: if you wanna read more of these adventures of Capt. Max Hardberger you actually can, he has just published a book called “Seized”. More information about that can be found on his website.

Now, back to our victim Maya Express: Not the ugliest ship in the world but neither pretty as well….bland, flat, boring, just ordinary ugly. But she is ugly enough to earn a place in our gallery of OUS’s.

Picture by Yvon Perchoc, via

This story does have a sad ending though: she foundered in august 2006 of the coast of Columbia, taking 1 life with her.

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