New Carissa

Posted: 21 April, 2010 by Fairlane in special, ugly
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New Carissa

IMO: 8716136

Build: 1989 by Marugame Yard – Marugame in Japan, nr 1172

So, wood chip carriers, not a big fan. At first it looks like a bulk freighter, which isn’t too particularly offensive. However, there are several distinctions that make these things worse.

For one is the odd rise in freeboard forward of the accommodation, which kind of makes the whole thing look rather hunchbacked.

Then there are the series of strange hoppers and cranes lining their decks in an awkward fashion.

Move to the bow, and there are the odd little tumors that protrude from the sides, they’re a little more obvious in this picture of the New Carissa.


From Castlehardt via

Of course, this picture also features the other little thing that made the New Carissa even uglier than her average counterpart in the wood products trade. And note the fact that I said “made.”

On February 4th, 1999 she managed to drag anchor in a storm and wound up lodged on the beach near Coos Bay, Oregon, where she became an infamous local landmark until finally being removed in 2008. Considering the environmental impact and series of lawsuits involved, it was truly  a death that was even uglier than her previous life.



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