Noordhoek Singapore

Posted: 29 April, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Noordhoek Singapore

IMO : 7606308

Build : 1977 by Shipyard De Waal – Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, nr 710 as Smit-Lloyd 61

Another old faithful, almost classical, supplyvessel that has been subject to an “upgrade”. A complete diving-base has been dumped on the aftdeck of this unsuspecting oldy and as we speak she is being used as an DP-2 Diving Support Vessel. Her wheelhouse has been expanded to accommodate the DP-system consoles and other equipment that hadn’t been invented in the time she was build. Her innards have been gutted and replaced with compartments full of stuff more useful to her present-day job and her engine room has been cramped with even more machinery than ever planned for. It’s like an OAP* being assimilated by the Borgs of Star Trek-fame: an old body with high-tech components.

All kinds of stuff are sticking out from her back: cranes, A-frames, wires, hoses, racks…etc etc, all stuck together, grouped in a chaotic mess, almost like just being thrown on a big heap.

This is how she used to look in her better days, as Smit Marlin:

And already in the company colors but still no mess on deck.

A very clean alternative compared to her present looks.

Nowadays she is subject to constant updates and modifications to keep up with the newer vessels around, all of these not making her looks any better at all.

And what’s up with the paint?? is it green, is it blue, is it greenish blue or blue-ish green?? veryvery peculiar!

On the other hand: the company that is using her now made sure she survived this long, if they had not been around she might have already gone to the scrappers.

a slight bit of history:

Smit Lloyd was probably the most famous AHTS/supply boat company roaming the North Sea and other parts of the world. They single-handedly dragged the offshore supply market into new territories and basically founded the base for the offshore supply sector as it is now. They went through a giant growth in the better days but the whole company was sold in the middle of the 90’s. More information can easily be found on the Interwebs. Nowadays the companies vessels are still roaming the 7 seas and are frequently seen & recognized in ports all over the globe., the best example is maybe the second vessel of the company: the Smit-Lloyd 1 (after the Smit-Lloyd 2…’h: everybody knows 2 comes before 1!), last year still trading from Malta as Ramla Bay (IMO : 6513425).

Rumors have it that she is now being converted………..into a diving support vessel.



*OAP : Old Age Pensioner

  1. Scotty says:

    I’ve also been a crew member on this boat. Mobilised our ROV in 2004 for short job in Dutch Sector. It was freezing, and the portacabin accommodation on back deck was just as cold inside as out. One to be avoided…..

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