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From University of Detroit Mercy via http://www.dalnet.lib.mi.us

From University of Detroit Mercy via http://www.dalnet.lib.mi.us


IMO: 5066774

Build: 1951 by Marine Industries, Ltd – Sorel in Quebec, Canada, nr 197

Generally I’ve assumed the fifties to be among towards the end of the golden-ages of classic ship designs, some of the last years where classic steamship lines still found thir way into the average ship design.

But, we all know what assuming does…

This old lady is definitely NOT one of those classic designs, especially from the front.

Her towering bridge, emulating her larger laker brethren, does not fit like it should, and just seems like a monstrosity.

From Roger LeLievre via http://www.mhsd.org

From the stern or side, she isn’t as bad, but still nowhere near beautiful.

But that face…I still can’t get over it. From the front she is just so ugly! Or I guess I should say was. After a good run of 34 years of service, she finally found her fate in the scrapyards of Brownsville, Texas.

Her sister was no prettier, either:

Willowbranch: (IMO: ???)


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