Acergy Condor

Posted: 6 May, 2010 by Fairlane in ugly
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Acergy Condor

IMO: 8111879

Build: 1982 HDW Nobiskrug – Rendsburg in Germany, nr 710 as Seaway Condor

When I first looked into this vessel, I didn’t realize the mess I was throwing myself into.

First off, she’s actually already been featured here as a part of the Seaway fleet as the Seaway Condor. However, during that time, she actually looked quite a bit different.

While at first the color looks to be the biggest difference, and I will say that it is a much-deserved improvement, there’s more to her change than first meets the eye.

Compare another photo of her prior to her sale to Acergy.

I’d say there’s quite a difference, and certainly none of it, save the white superstructure, helped her post-conversion appearance.

But, delving further, this way actually more of a post-post-conversion appearance. Earlier on in her life she had taken her first turn for the worst. While I can’t find an an image of her as she left the builders, I have found one of her sister.

Seabex One (IMO:8007171)


From Olav Moen via

And while the years may have been kinder to her, she certainly isn’t the most beautiful vessel afloat today, either, still chugging along as the Venturer.

The same can be said for the third sister.

Acergy Osprey (IMO: 8213392)

Certainly not the most stunning trio out there, but it sure beats the alternative for almost thirty year old ships, and well, at least two of them still retain some dignity…

  1. bowsprite says:

    hm! I think the three sisters are so beautiful, especially Osprey!

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