Norwegian Dawn

Posted: 15 June, 2010 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Picture by Bonnie, via

Norwegian Dawn

IMO : 9195169

Build : 2002 by Meyer Werft – Papenburg in Germany, nr 649

Yesterday Bonnie of Frogma-fame passed this picture of the Norwegian Dawn over and left it over to me to kick it home and score a goal (Excusez the football-pun(t)). As spotted in NYC the above mentioned vessel shows off the useless & frivolous socalled “artwork” on her portside bow while passing the famous Statue of Liberty. And by doing so she gets merciless humiliated as the grandeur of the real Lady Liberty greatly overshadows the despicable quality of the amateuristic picture of herself on the vessel.

And as with her earlier discussed sisters : N. Gem, N. Pearl, N. Jade & the epicly wrong N. Epic I sincerely condemn this sort of images on vessels as they only add unnecessary drama to an already lost battle of ethic ship design.

As above picture testifies also the starboard side of the vessel is decorated albeit with a totally different theme, the only thing having in common is swirly stuff originating on the bow.

Which incidentally does do a great impression of the Joker-character so epically performed by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”.

Dunno source, via the Interwebs



  1. bowsprite says:

    Ah, yes, the Norwegian Clown. sigh.

  2. bonnie says:


  3. vreihen says:

    In defense of the Dawn’s non-symmetrical paint scheme, it was originally done to represent the ship’s original itinerary. It was to be home-ported in NYC for half of the year, hence the Statue of Liberty on the port side. The other half of the year it was supposed to be sailing out of Miami, hence the dolphins on the starboard side…..

  4. gerry s says:

    Do people really have to know where these ships belong or came from ? Useless busy work ! These pre-Epic ship sisters aren’t bad looking without the extra BS and very comfortable inside and out.

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